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“I began my lessons with Stu in September 2014 as a COMPLETE amateur! I always loved the idea of playing the guitar and decided to just go for it.For me, the half hour lessons suit me down to the ground. Stu can bestow his wisdom and I can go home and do the real graft of practicing During the past year and a bit I’ve learnt a lot. Learnt stacks of chords, strumming techniques and of course songs. Stu gives me a lot of freedom on what I would like to learn which is great.Red Tape Guitar School know what they’re doing and are a great success. Sign up today!”

“I’ve been learning to play the guitar with Stuart almost a year now, right from the very basics. His experience in teaching and in the music industry has allowed me to progress both in ability and confidence, so much that I was able to surprise my wife by playing at our wedding.

His lessons are excellent, one-to-one sessions that are both relaxing and extremely enjoyable.
I would highly recommend Stuart to anyone of any playing ability.”

“Going to my guitar lessons is the best part of my week. I always look forward to improving my playing and learning new things.

Your are treated with kindness and care to make sure you improve at your own comfortable pace.
I strongly recommend that anyone wanting to improve their playing skills needs to go Belfast Guitar Academy”.

Stuart has been working as our guitar tutor in Ashfield Girls’ High School since 2012 – In that time he has increased the numbers of pupils learning this instrument dramatically. He has been able to offer traditional acoustic, electric and bass lessons, so all pupil preferences can be accommodated. He has also been extremely helpful with extra-curricular activities by coaching the school rock band and playing for any pupil ensembles whenever asked. Stuart has been reliable and well organised, following necessary school procedures but also using his own initiative to run lessons in the most efficient manner. He is a pleasure to work with and i would have no hesitation in recommending him as a teacher in any setting.

“Stuart is a pleasure to work with and i would have no hesitation in recommending him as a teacher in any setting”

“After playing guitar for 20- ish years I finally decided I needed lessons, why o why did I wait so long. Stuart’s calm and relaxed demeanour immediately put me at ease and this helped me to understand what was being explained to me, but not only that, Stuart not only breaks things down to bite size pieces but he also explains them to me in a way that I understand, this has helped both my rhythm and lead playing. Every week I look forward to my lesson as I know that I will learn something new and exciting. I have no hesitation in recommending Stuart to any guitarist or musician that wants to learn.”